"On Being Liturgical" is a column written for Confess And Teach For Unity by the Rev. Fr. John W. Fenton, pastor of Zion Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Detroit, Michigan.

Fr. Fenton is a liturgical scholar with a pastoral heart that is evident in his care for Zion parish and in his involvement in the community surrounding the parish, as well as in his writings. Beside his contributions to various periodicals, Fr. Fenton is the coordinator of the annual St. Michael Liturgical Conference and is a featured columnist in Gottesdienst magazine. His column there, "Seeing Red," a study in the pastoral application of the rubrics of the Divine Service, seeks to restore to today's Church the devotion during Holy Mass that was once characteristic throughout the Church Catholic, including, if not especially, in the Mass as offered by Dr. Martin Luther and those holding to the Lutheran Confessions.

Subscribers to "On Being Liturgical" can send responses and questions to Fr. Fenton by simply replying to the messages they receive. Please note that, due to constraints of time and the volume of mail he receives, Pastor Fenton may not be able to respond to every note sent to him.

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