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Beyond those services provided by this website and its links, Confess And Teach For Unity offers a suite of e-mail lists that is its main method of fulfilling its purpose. Some of these lists are geared toward discussion, others are for ‘one way’ distribution of news, sermons, editorial columns, and the like; some are moderated and/or ‘directed’, and some are more free-flowing. As we also provide list hosting services for some other organizations, we include these lists among our services, as well. Finally, we offer links to things we used to host, or the successors of the same.

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Click on the links above for a short description of each list, or scroll down the page; click on the links included with the descriptions for more info and/or to subscribe (always free of charge!) to the list(s) of your choice.

The Academy …is a moderated mail list for the education of the laity in the doctrine and Confessions of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church as set out in the Book of Concord of 1580 in complete agreement with Holy Scripture, with an emphasis on what divides the Church and how Biblical unity is to be sought. This list will be of interest and benefit to lifelong Lutheran and new believer alike. Top of Page

Ask The Pastor ...allows questioners and its staff of pastors to go beyond the space limitations (necessarily) imposed by newspapers, etc., for such things. This list is intended especially for non-Lutherans and those contemplating the Christian faith from the ‘outside’, but will also often discuss things that many Lutherans have either forgotten or never learned during Confirmation Instruction. Top of Page

Sermons & Devotions...provides its subscribers with several sermons, devotions, newsletter articles, etc., from Confessional Lutheran pastors each week for the building up of their faith in the saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus and for the broadening of their understanding of Holy Scripture, the media salutis (‘means of salvation’, ‘means of grace’), and the doctrine and practice of the Lutheran Church that protects the Gospel from the intrusion of error and keeps that Gospel at the center and forefront of the Christian's life. Top of Page

Table the internet’s premier Confessional Lutheran discussion list! Consisting both of serious theological substance (with participants from new Christians to seminary professors) and pure, unadulterated fun, Confess And Teach For Unity’s Table Talk quickly became the net’s largest Lutheran open discussion list, and remains the only one truly committed to the Confessions of the Lutheran Church. Our volume of posting is sometimes high...but we believe you will also find it fairly ‘addictive’—so come join us soon! Top of Page

Martin Lutheran home educators throughout the world a place to encourage and support one another--you are NOT alone! Our discussions range from curriculum reviews and lesson ideas to the motivation of ‘stuck’ learners (or parents!) to state homeschooling laws and college entrance requirements. From the ‘how come’ to the ‘how to’ to the ‘how will be our privilege to pray for you’, the members of the Martin Loopers list would like to make your acquaintance and be of assistance, if possible. Top of Page

The, of course, the home of Gandalf the White, the wizard whose wisdom never fails. Here, our noble Gandalf (the Rev. Dr. Burnell F. Eckardt, Jr., Ph.D., editor of Gottesdienst magazine, which site we used to host) looks around at the world and the Church, distinguishing between the orcs, elves, and hobbits and all their works so that all in the Shire might walk in wisdom and enjoy the Lord’s peace. (While select archival files are available on our server at the link above, this column has been replaced by Dr. Eckardt’s Gottesblog and Gottesdienst Online.) Top of Page

Drueckhammer’s Deutsch an inductive study of the German language that uses the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church as its primary textbook, along with the writings of Dr. Martin Luther and other orthodox theologians. This gives us the opportunity to look at grammar and vocabulary as it was actually used in these documents from the outset, rather than having to learn it only after mastering modern German. Top of Page

Historic Preaching...brings you commentary and other resources for use with the One Year Lectionary that has been in general use among Lutherans since the sixteenth century, being, largely, the pericopal system inherited from Rome. There is a lot of Luther to be seen here, as well as ‘helps found helpful’ by notable preachers of our day. (While select archival files are available on our server at the link above, several of those who were involved in this effort havestarted a newer project on the web, the Historic Lectionary site, which we heartily commend to you.) Top of Page for those who love to study God's Word and want to grow in theological understanding by brief and intense study of a particular issue or topic. Like a symposium presentation, ePosium begins with the posting of a paper and then invites reactions, questions, and, possibly, debate on the topic covered. Because we are not limited to a certain time or place or fee schedule, ePosium is able to bring both 'renowned' theologians and those lesser known, but often quite gifted, thinkers you might not otherwise be able to justify the expense of hearing. Top of Page

CAT 41 News and Commentary...brings you, as you might expect, news and commentary that may be of interest to, especially, Confessional Lutherans. Confess and Teach for Unity has a long and honored record of such e-reporting in connection with conventions of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and now is regularly covering issues and events important to Christians between conventions as well. Top of Page

Missouri Synod Talk…creates a space where those concerned, especially, about issues and events pertaining to the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod can come together to dialogue and debate, in the hope that so doing will lead to understanding and a working together to confess the truth with a united voice that should characterize our Christian churches. Top of Page

CLiMB…that is “Confessional Lutherans in Missionary Boldness,” a mail list by means of which Confessional Lutheran missionaries are able to bring ‘field reports’ directly to you, the praying and contributing Christian ‘back home’. These reports come ‘un-sanitized’ letting you know exactly how it is ‘on the street’, ‘in the jungle’, ‘onboard ship’, and so on. Top of Page

CAT 41 Update…brings news of new lists and other features available through Confess and Teach for Unity and others who support the cause of renewing adherence to the Lutheran Confessions. Top of Page

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