CAT 41's Sermons and Devotions

CAT 41's Sermons & Devotions , a subsidiary list of Confess And Teach For Unity , provides pastors and laity alike with a source for Confessional Lutheran sermons and devotional writings, both historic and contemporary. The writers/preachers of these sermons are pastors who subscribe without reservation to the Lutheran Confessions and make their subscription evident through their teaching and preaching; posting of sermons is, therefore, by invitation only and the ability of an individual to post sermons and devotions to this list may be restricted at any time by the list administrator. (I.e., while the preacher/poster of sermons and devotions is solely responsible for contributions he posts, persistent false doctrine, etc., will not be tolerated, and posters of such material will no longer be able to post.)

Please note that CAT 41's Sermons and Devotions consists of works that are, unless otherwise noted, the copyrighted property of the various authors/posters; posting of such gives members of this list implied consent for redistribution with attribution at no cost to the recipients of such redistribution unless otherwise specified by the author.

To subscribe, remind our preachers what their job is by saying with the Greeks who came to Phillip at the Passover: "Sir, we wish to see Jesus!, and a message will be produced in your email program for you to send to us; you don't need to do anything to it, just send it (there's no text in it, it's just the address, <>, that does the trick!).

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