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The Shire is a column written for Confess And Teach For Unity by Gandalf the White (aka, the Rev. Fr. Burnell F. Eckardt, Jr., Ph.D., pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Kewanee, Illinois, a Contributing Editor of Logia , and Editor-in-Chief of Gottesdienst magazine). You can receive these columns via email and browse past columns by means of the archive index below.

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The musing of Gandalf the White herein, at which all hobbits, dwarves, elves and others may scoff and take potshots at will, or in which, perhaps, one may occasionally delight...

3:1 -- The Return of Gandalf -- 22 February 99

3:2 -- A Multitude of Demons -- 3 March 99

3:3 -- Preaching and His Word -- 10 March 99

3:4 -- Blessings? -- 17 March 99

3:5 -- The Heart of the Catechism -- 24 March 99

3:6 -- Martyrdom in Littleton -- 26 April 99

3:7 -- One Voice for the Our Father -- 13 May 99

3:8 -- Why Know Law from Gospel? -- 26 June 99

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