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From the Spring of 1998 through Autumn of that same year, Confess And Teach For Unity was blessed with the privilege of providing a mail list by which those who wished to read the Lutheran Confessions in their original language (clergy and laity alike) might grow in the facility to do so. The Rev. Dr. John M. Drickamer, Th.D. in Ecclesiastical History, and a past professor of both theology and the German Language, was able to lead us during that time through a study of most of the Small Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther. Due to Dr. Drickamer's experience of the unfortunate things that so often are done to those who boldly proclaim the Word of God as the Lutheran Confessions rightly set it forth, these lessons were forced to take a hiatus when Dr. Drickamer was no longer able to afford to stay electronically connected to us. Due to his untimely (to us; timely to his Lord and, thus, blessed to Dr. Drickamer) death, these lessons stopped completely.

However, we are happy to announce that The Deutsch Academie is back! For the benefit of Confessional Lutheran pastors and laity, and in honor of our good Professor Drickamer, the Rev. Ronald C. Paseur of Altenburg, Missouri,who has the German language both as his native tongue and as an academic pursuit, has agreed to serve in this pursuit, now named in honor of the dear doctor with the 'pre-Ellis Island version' of his surname: the Drueckhammer Academie. We are confident that Herr Doctor Drueckhammer would be pleased.

To subscribe to Confess And Teach For Unity's lessons in the German of the Lutheran Confessions and theologians, send ANY note (even a blank one) to: Deutsch-on@CAT41.org. (Clicking the word 'subscribe' in the last sentence--or this one--should create such a document for you...)

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Paseur, Series Two, by Lesson Content

Series One -- Lessons from Dr. John M. Drickamer

By Lesson Number:

Lektion Nummer eins (1)

Lektion Nummer vier (4)

Lektion Nummer zehn (10)


Lektion Nummer fuenf (5)

Lektion Nummer elf (11)

Lektion Nummer zwei (2)

Lektion Nummer sechs (6)

Lektion Nummer zwoelf (12)

A Question about Umlaut

Lektion Nummer sieben (7)

Lektion Nummer dreizehn (13)

More on Umlaut

Lektion Nummer acht (8)

Lektion fuer Reformationsfest

Lektion Nummer drei (3)

Lektion Nummer neun (9)

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By Content: NOTE: Commandments are numbered in the traditional manner of Western Christendom, as found in Luther's Small Catechism

Intro; First Commandment (1)

Comm. 6-8 (4)

Our Father - 3rd-4th Petition (10)


Comm. 9-10 & Close (5)

Our Father - 5th Petition-Amen (11)

Comm. 2 & 3; Table Prayer (2)

Apostles' Creed - First Article (6)

Baptism - Parts One and Two (12)

A Question about Umlaut

Apostles' Creed - Second Article (7)

Baptism - Parts Three and Four (13)

More on Umlaut

Apostles' Creed - Third Article (8)

Luther at the Diet of Worms

Comm. 4 & 5 (3)

Our Father -100 Intro-2nd Petition (9)

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These lessons are a service provided by Confess And Teach For Unity (CAT41.org) for the benefit of Confessional Lutheran pastors and laity. Confess And Teach For Unity and the authors of the lessons retain all rights under applicable copyright laws. To subscribe/unsub: send a blank note to <Deutsch-on@CAT41.org> / <Deutsch-off@CAT41.org>.

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